Rent Stabilization in New York City

Plummeting values, disappearing lenders, and NYCB on the brink.

Published April 16, 2024

Maverick Rent Stabilization White Paper - Spring 2024

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The Maverick spring 2024 white paper examines:

  • The precipitous 2023 pullback in Rent Stabilized property lending.
  • The Rent Stabilized lending behavior and exposure levels of key regional banks – especially New York Community Bank.
  • Recent declines in the value of Rent Stabilized properties, and the predicament facing borrowers upon maturity of current loans.
  • The portfolio of NYCB, and whether the recent infusion of rescue capital is enough.
  • Which other banks may be at risk due to high exposure to Rent Stabilized property debt.
  • The outcome of the Signature Bank FDIC auction, and what it says about the value of Rent Stabilized assets today.